Final Expense agents

Great Western Insurance Company uses feedback from Final Expense agents to provide better experiences for them and our policyholders. We re-evaluate our training materials and tools often to help agents assist clients with their end-of-life planning.

Our product options help more clients qualify

We offer two Final Expense insurance products: Guaranteed Assurance and Assurance Plus. Guaranteed Assurance offers coverage regardless of a client’s health and requires no underwriting process. This is beneficial to clients because they’re automatically granted the guaranteed issue product if they fail to pass the underwriting for Assurance Plus. This is very beneficial for agents because it ensures that their clients will be approved for at least one of our two products. This will ultimately lead to more potential customers who are able to qualify for Final Expense insurance policies.

Smoother applications and quicker commissions

We understand the need for proficiency while trying to obtain new clients. That’s why we created MyEnrollerSM to give you the ability to submit applications online. It allows agents to collect client signatures with a tablet so the initial premium can be withdrawn directly from the policyholder’s credit card, checking, or savings account. This speeds up the submission process and leads to faster commission payments.

Free marketing brochures

Knowledge is power when it comes to purchasing Final Expense insurance. That's why we provide free marketing brochures to agents to better explain to clients what Final Expense insurance is and the products we offer. They can be used to discuss Final Expense insurance with clients face to face, and they can be left behind as a reference.

Agent-friendly support

Our Agent Sales Support is available Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central time. You can reach them by phone at 866-252-5594, option 2 or by email at

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