Funeral Planning

At Great Western, we know losing a loved one and planning a funeral are emotionally and financially taxing. Our Funeral Planning articles aim to ease your stress by guiding you through how to plan a funeral and how to budget funeral expenses. Other topics can help you decide whether you prefer to try the latest funeral planning trends or stick with funeral customs. We even share funeral etiquette tips you can use when you attend a service.

How to Plan a Funeral Step-by-Step

When you’re overcome with grief, every task seems overwhelming. To ease your strain, we’ve compiled this list to walk you through planning a funeral, step-by-step. 

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Funeral Etiquette Guide: What to Say, What to Wear, and More

From the funeral viewing to the post-funeral reception, this funeral etiquette guide will help you properly pay your respects.

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What to Say at a Funeral — and What Not to Say

Figuring out what to say at a funeral can be hard for even the most sociable people. But simple expressions of support and a willingness to listen go a long way.

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How Much Does an Average Funeral Cost?

If you’ve started estate planning and preparing your end-of-life plans, you’ll need to know one key fact: how much an average funeral costs. 

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Funeral Planning Trends that May Surprise You

These six funeral planning trends are redefining traditional funeral services.

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5 Reasons Why Cremation is on the Rise

More families are choosing cremations, which have outpaced casket burials for the last three years. Here's why.

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What to Remember When Planning a Military Funeral

Whether you’re preplanning your own military funeral or making arrangements for a veteran who has passed, remember to research the benefits that are available to you. 

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Our Funeral Expenses Calculator can help estimate your burial and end-of-life expenses and show how those costs could be affected by inflation over time. The data can help you determine whether Final Expense or Preneed Funeral insurance will meet your needs.

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