We’re in the “people helping people” business. We know preplanning your final wishes is not easy, but our Preneed Funeral and Final Expense insurance solutions are meant to help you fulfill your final financial goals for your family.

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Great Western Insurance Company offers a variety of payment options for your Final Expense or Preneed premiums.

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If you need to make an update or file a claim on a Preneed or Final Expense insurance policy, please visit our Forms page.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Q: How do I cancel my policy?

      A: For Preneed policies: Call 800-995-9010


      For Final Expense policies, please provide a signed written request via email, fax, or mail. It may take up to 30 days to process the cancellation. However, you can call 800-733-5454 to ask Customer Success to cancel any automatic draft requests immediately.

      • Email (only PDF files will be accepted): fecustomerservice@gwic.com 
      • Fax: 402-496-8199
      • Mail: P.O. Box 14410, Des Moines, IA 50306-3410
    • Q: How do I reinstate my policy?

      A: For Preneed policies, all missed premiums must be paid in full to reinstate a policy within. A 6% late fee will be added to the amount owed once the policy reaches 7 months past due. A cash-surrendered policy can only be reinstated if you return the cash-value check.
      For Final Expense policies, all missed premiums must be paid in full to reinstate a policy within 60 days of the lapse. A cash-surrendered policy can only be reinstated if you return the cash-value check. Extended Term and Expiry policies may not be reinstated after 60 days.

    • Q: What if I need to skip a payment this month?

      A: Please contact Customer Success, so we may review what options we may have to better assist you.

    • Q: I just received a pre-lapse letter; what are my next steps?

      A: Pre-lapse letters notify you when your policy has fallen more than 30 days behind. If you have an automatic draft set up for your account, check with your bank first to determine whether any irregularities occurred with your last payment. If you aren't set up for automatic payments, please call the appropriate number below:

    • Q: Can I make my payment online?

      A: If you have a Preneed Funeral insurance policy, you can make debit or credit card payments on the Preneed Payments page. Please note, a fee may be applied to credit card payments.
      To make online credit or debit card payments for Final Expense insurance policies, you will need to create an account in our customer portal. You may do so by clicking the “Member login” button at the top of this page. After you register, you can make a one-time credit or debit card payment. Recurring credit card payments are not available at this time, but you may visit the customer portal each month to make a payment. Otherwise, you can set up automatic bank drafts on the customer portal to withdraw your payment every month.

    • Q: How do I place my policy on bank draft?

      A: Customer Success can help set your policy on automatic bank drafts. Call the appropriate number below:

      You can also set up automatic bank drafts by creating an account on our customer portal.

    • Q: What is the remaining balance on my Preneed policy?

      A: A remaining policy balance is the amount of payment owed on a specific policy. Please call Customer Success for help calculating your remaining balance:

    • Q: Who gets the excess from the growth?

      A: At the time of death, the funeral home will be paid for services provided under the terms of the funeral service agreement. Any excess proceeds will go to the beneficiaries on the policy.

    • Q: What is the death benefit for my Preneed policy?

      A: A death benefit depends on many factors, including the type of policy, growth rate, and years in force. Please call Customer Success for the details of your policy:

    • Q: How do I make a claim on a Preneed policy?

      A: The funeral home associated with the policy can help you file a claim.

    • Q: How do I change information, such as funeral home, beneficiaries, etc., on my Preneed policy?

      A: Most policy changes need to be done by filing one of our forms. Our Forms page lists forms and instructions to help you through the process. If the form you need is not listed, contact Customer Success for assistance:

    • Q: How do I change the services I picked at the funeral home for my Preneed policy?

      A: Please contact your funeral home representative.

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