While considering preplanning options, you'll want to compare the benefits between Final Expense and Preneed Funeral insurance. Each can help you prearrange your final wishes in different ways.

What is Preneed Funeral insurance?

Preneed insurance is essentially a funeral service agreement between you and a funeral home. You decide every element you want included in your funeral service, which includes everything from the casket to flowers to transportation for the family. The funeral home director totals the costs, and that amount is the basis for your Preneed insurance plan. Upon your death, the funds are paid to the funeral home to pay for your funeral. Scroll down to "Products by state" to see if our Preneed plans are available in your state.

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What is Final Expense insurance?

Final Expense insurance doesn’t remove the task of planning the funeral, but it does alleviate the burden on your family of covering funeral costs — and an array of other expenses. Your family can decide how to dispense the money, which can be used for unpaid bills, medical expenses, and even college tuition for children or grandchildren. If they choose to use it for your funeral, they can make arrangements with any funeral home. Scroll down to "Products by state" to see if our Final Expense plans are available in your state.

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